Unboxing Review: Ajazz AKS068pro Mechanical Keyboard

Unboxing Review: Ajazz AKS068pro Mechanical Keyboard

Compact, Ergonomic and Customizable Typing Experience



 The Ajazz AKS068pro is a mechanical keyboard that combines lightweight, ergonomic design and high customizability. It not only fulfills my need for a lightweight keyboard, but also impresses me with its unique design and features.


Unboxing Experience:

Right out of the box, the AKS068pro comes in a simple but exquisite package. When I opened the package, the first thing that caught my eye was a cable with a shielded magnetic ring, followed by a simple shaft puller and key puller. The box on the right side of the keyboard contains sea salt axes, these axes are not only light in pressure grams, but are also equipped with dust walls to ensure cleanliness and durability for long term use.


Keyboard Features:

 The AKS068pro, while ergonomically designed, is different from the traditional Alice alignment. Its letter area is arranged in a fan-shaped row with the elbow as the center, which is visually more holistic and has no intermediate gap, making it equally convenient for left and right-handed operation. In addition, it removes the "incisor" design, providing a more comprehensive key layout and reducing the cost of adaptation for users.


Keycaps and shafts:

The upper cover of the keyboard is equipped with two-color PPT keycaps, which provide good tactility and durability. As for the shaft, the AKS068pro features a light-stress sea salt shaft that excels in smoothness and stability, and despite a slightly soft rebound, its feel is satisfying enough for most users.


Design and Construction:

The AKS068pro's spacebar is designed with two 275mm sizes, which is different from the 225mm and 1275mm sizes of the traditional Alice allotment, and while it's fine for daily use, you may encounter some compatibility issues when replacing keycaps in the future. The metal knob in the upper right corner of the keyboard has a non-slip texture and can be easily operated with one hand, with a clear sense of scale and a dry feel when pressed, although there is a small workmanship problem, but this does not affect the overall experience of using the keyboard.


Use experience:

 The AKS068pro requires users to install the shaft and keycaps on their own, and while this adds a certain amount of hands-on fun, unskilled users may encounter some installation difficulties. Once installed, however, the keyboard's satellite axes perform well and are ready to go without any additional adjustments. The keyboard is also quite well padded and the overall light weight of 670 grams satisfies my need for portability.


Lighting Effects:

 I was impressed with the lighting effects on the AKS068pro. Even in well-lit environments, its RGB lighting remains bright and clear, which is especially rare on an axis without a light guide pillar.



 The Ajazz AKS068pro is a three-mode, small paired-row keyboard with knobs, plenty of padding, and minimizes the cost of learning to adapt while retaining the benefits of Alice's ergonomics. The AKS068pro is a good choice for both users with tendonitis issues and those who want to try a new keyboard layout.