Comparing and Reviewing Every Akko Switch

Comparing and Reviewing Every Akko Switch

Akko switches have garnered significant attention in the mechanical keyboard community due to their combination of affordability and high quality. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview and comparison of the most popular Akko linear and tactile switches to assist you in selecting the ideal option for your requirements.

Overview of Akko Switches

Akko switches are available in both linear and tactile variants. Linear switches offer a smooth keystroke without a tactile bump, while tactile switches feature a discernible bump upon actuation. Below are some of the most sought-after Akko switches:

  • Jelly Blacks: Heavy linear switches with a 50g operating force, renowned for their deep, thocky sound and smooth feel.
  • Silver Switches: Light linear switches with a 43g operating force, designed for gaming with fast actuation and a satisfying sound.
  • Lavender Purples: Medium tactile switches with a 50g operating force, offering balanced tactility and a pleasant typing experience.
  • Jelly Pinks: Smooth linear switches with a 45g operating force, known for their exceptional smoothness even without lubrication.
  • Jelly Blues: Heavy tactile switches with a 60g operating force, characterized by a unique sound profile distinct from other tactile switches.
  • Vintage Whites: Light linear switches with a 35g operating force, producing a loud, poppy sound.

Most Akko switches feature long springs and polycarbonate housings, resulting in smoother keystrokes and deeper sound profiles. Lubricating Akko switches further enhances their smoothness and sound quality.

Best Akko Switches for Different Uses

  • Jelly Blacks: Best Overall Linear switches, ideal for typists seeking premium smoothness and thocky sound.
  • Silver Switches: Best for Gaming, featuring fast actuation and satisfying sound for responsive gaming experiences.
  • Lavender Purples: Best Tactile Switches, offering balanced tactility and smoothness for enjoyable typing sessions.
  • Jelly Pinks: Smoothest Linear switches, providing exceptional smoothness even without lubrication.
  • Jelly Blues: Most Unique Sound among tactile switches, delivering a distinct typing experience with their muted, deep tone.
  • Vintage Whites: Poppiest Sound among Akko switches, offering maximum pop with light, loud keypresses.


Akko switches excel in providing smoothness, sound quality, and affordability, making them an excellent choice for custom mechanical keyboards. Their diverse range of tactility, sound profiles, and weights allows users to customize their typing experience according to their preferences. When lubricated, Akko switches elevate to premium quality without breaking the budget.