AKKO ACR PRO Alice Ergonomic Keyboard Review

AKKO ACR PRO Alice Ergonomic Keyboard Review

AKKO ACR Pro Alice Plus  is an ergonomic keyboard, enhancing typing comfort and correcting posture.

Under the trend of ergonomic products, people's pursuit of comfort and health is getting stronger. Ergonomic chairs, mice and other products have provided us with a healthier, more comfortable experience. So, for keyboard products, can ergonomic design really enhance typing comfort? Today we will introduce an ergonomically designed keyboard - AKKO  ACR PRO Alice.


Design and Appearance

The AKKO ACR PRO Alice keyboard features a unique Alice alignment design, a design that makes it stand out from the crowd. The keyboard features highly PPT white keycaps, and the overall value is simple and generous. The shell is made of translucent acrylic with a good texture, and the foil logo on the back adds a sense of sophistication to the overall design. However, the translucent shell exposes the keyboard fixing screws and it is recommended to choose the solid color version for a better appearance. In addition, the keyboard is equipped with an aluminum alloy locator plate and crystal clear shafts for a stable touch and good performance.

Alice Design

The AKKO ACR PRO Alice keyboard has a total of 68 keys, similar to the common 68-key keypad. Compared to traditional keyboards, the Alice layout is more specialized in terms of appearance and key design. The keyboard has a more three-dimensional appearance and a different key layout, the most important feature of which is the key retraction design, which allows for a more natural hand placement and reduces wrist discomfort. In addition, the keyboard is equipped with two B-keys, but the center-mounted Windows key is not conveniently designed enough and may affect the ease of daily use.

Typing experience and adaptability

Although the key design of the Alice allotment is different from that of traditional keyboards, it is not complicated to use in practice. After a period of adaptation, users are able to master this key layout naturally. The ergonomic design of the keyboard can effectively improve the wrist discomfort when typing for a long time and correct the problem of substandard typing posture to a certain extent. Overall, the typing experience of the AKKO ACR PRO Alice keyboard is satisfactory and adaptable.


As an ergonomically designed keyboard, AKKO ACR PRO  Alice has a good performance in terms of appearance, key design and comfort. Despite some design shortcomings, its unique Alice alignment design brings users a new typing experience. If you are used to using a 68-key keyboard and are comfortable with the Alice key layout, then this keyboard is a good choice for you.

Technical Specifications

- Keyboard Layout: Alice
- Number of keys: 68 keys
- Case material: translucent acrylic
- Keycap material: PPT white
- Shaft type: crystal transparent shaft
- Trigger force: 43 grams
- Trigger force: 50 grams

AKKO ACR PRO Alice keyboard, breaking the traditional keyboard design, to bring users a more comfortable typing experience. If you are looking for a unique keyboard, consider this ergonomically designed keyboard to add comfort and style to your office life.