SKYLOONG GK84 Lite Gasket DIY Kit - Tapelf
SKYLOONG GK84 Lite Gasket DIY Kit - Tapelf
SKYLOONG GK84 Lite Gasket DIY Kit - Tapelf
SKYLOONG GK84 Lite Gasket DIY Kit - Tapelf


SKYLOONG GK84 Lite Gasket DIY Kit

Sale price$73.00
Model:GK84 Lite (Wired Only)
Bottom Case:Plastic Black
Plate:Steel Plate

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75% Hotswap Keyboard DIY Kit 
Equipped with hot-swappable terminals, with which you can install 3/5 pin switches directly without soldering. It's compatible with Cherry MX switches, Kailh switches, Gateron switches, TTC switches and other 3-pin or 5-pin mechanical switches.

Shallow Gasket-Mounted Bottom Foam
To reach a top typing experience, we have adopted a creative shallow gasket design, which is the first innovative shallow gasket structure around the world that comes with an all-in-one silicone pad. The silicone pad can cushion the shock under every keystroke by being inserted in between the PCB board and the plate. Foam at the bottom layer to reduce hallow sounds, and enhance the feeling of typing stokes.

Split Spacebar Module and Fully Programmable
GK84 Lite gasket DIY kit includes an extra split spacebar module (2.75U/2.25U/1.25U) with which you can make it based on your own typing habit. With the software, you have more than 6 driver settings. Simply download the software and you will be able to program the backlight and macro settings. Built-in flash memory enables you to save the setting in offline mode.

Various Cases and Plates Available
Equipped with different cases for different needs. GK84 Lite provides two options: general plastic and CNC aluminum cases with different plates. 

Bluetooth 5.1, 4000mAh Battery
Adopting the latest Bluetooth technology, you can connect up to 3 devices at the same time, simply press FN+1/2/3 to exchange between devices.

16.8 Million RGB Backlight
Equipped with RGB SMD light. More than 16.8 million lights are available.

Download the SKYLOONG Driver v6.0.0.62 - Win
Download the SKYLOONG Driver v1.0.0.18 - Mac

SKYLOONG GK84 Lite Gasket DIY Kit-Tapelf
SKYLOONG GK84 Lite Gasket DIY Kit-Tapelf