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SKYLOONG GK75 ISO Layout Wired Mechanical Keyboard

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Switch Type:Gateron Optical Yellow

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Certainly! Here is the English translation of the revised product content detail for the SKYLOONG GK980 1800 Compact DIY Barebone Kit:


  Product Name: SKYLOONG GK980 1800 Compact DIY Barebone Kit  

  Product Overview:  

Revitalize your typing and gaming experience with the SKYLOONG GK980 1800 Compact DIY Barebone Kit, featuring an exquisite design and high customization. This keyboard retains the numeric keypad and arrow keys while omitting the home row clusters of a full-size keyboard, providing more space for your mouse and making it an ideal choice for both gaming and work.

  Key Features:  

1.   Customizable Split Spacebar Module:   Includes an additional split spacebar module (2.75U/2.25U/1.25U) that allows you to customize based on your personal typing habits.

2.   Shallow Gasket Structure with Bottom Foam:   Employs a patented shallow gasket design with an integrated silicone pad, precisely matched to each switch, eliminating the lack of support in the main typing area of traditional designs and providing cushioning with every keystroke.

3.   Hot-swappable Knobs and Switches Module:   The GK980 keyboard is equipped with hot-swappable terminals, allowing for the direct installation of 3/5 pin switches without soldering. This version features hot-swappable modules specifically designed for both knobs and switches, making it easy to swap out the knob for a regular mechanical switch and keycap.

4.   Split Spacebar Module and PBT Keycaps:   As part of the GK Lite series, the GK980 keyboard also includes an extra split spacebar module that you can customize according to your typing preferences. The premium PBT material keycaps offer a smooth, oil-resistant surface that won't retain fingerprints even after extended use.

5.   Three Modes of Connectivity:   Designed for versatility, the GK980 can be used in three distinct ways: Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G USB wireless, and Type C wired connections. You can connect the keyboard to your devices using the included Type-C cable, a 2.4G wireless dongle, or the latest Bluetooth 5.1 connection.

6.   16 Million RGB Backlight:   Set up colors and rhythms to your liking and match the lighting effects with your mood every day! With various backlight effects available for selection, you can even customize your own gaming light modes in the software.

  Technical Specifications:  

-   Size:   1800 Compact

-   Material:   Premium PBT

-   Hot-swappable:   Supports knobs and switches

-   Keycap Configuration:   Split spacebar module (2.75U/2.25U/1.25U)

-   Connection Modes:   Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G Wireless, Type C Wired

-   RGB Backlight:   16 million colors customizable

  Design and Comfort:  

-   Durable Double-shot PBT Injection Process:   Ensures that key legends remain clear and long-lasting, providing a clear and enduring typing reference.

-   Customizable Typing Experience:   With a full set of keycaps, you can easily personalize your keyboard to your preferences or specific needs.

  Ideal For:  

-   Gamers:   Who need a keyboard that can withstand long gaming sessions.

-   Professional Typists:   Who require a comfortable and durable keyboard for all-day use.

-   Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts:   Who value quality, customization, and a superior typing experience.

  Purchase Information:  

-   To purchase the SKYLOONG GK980 1800 Compact DIY Barebone Kit and upgrade your keyboard, visit our official website or an authorized retailer today.  


This English translation is designed to maintain the marketing appeal and clarity of the product details, making it suitable for an English-speaking audience and for use on product pages or promotional materials.


SKYLOONG GK75 Software Download Driver v6.0.0.62 - Windows
SKYLOONG GK75 Software Download Driver v1.0.0.18 - Mac





Model: GK75 RGB

Type: Mechanical Keyboard


Keys Number: 82 Keys 

Layout: ISO Layout

Backlight: RGB

Mounted: Shallow Gasket

Case Material: ABS Plastic

Plate Material: Steel

Material of Keycaps: Double-shot ABS

Connection: Type-C to USB-A

System Support: Windows / macOS

Anti-ghosting: Full Keys 


Gateron Optical Yellow Linear 

Gateron Optical Red Linear

Package Contents

1 x Keyboard

1 x 2 in-1 Keycaps&Switches Puller

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual

SKYLOONG GK75 ISO Layout Wired Mechanical Keyboard-Tapelf
SKYLOONG GK75 ISO Layout Wired Mechanical Keyboard-Tapelf