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SKYLOONG GK75 Dark Fairy Tale Gasket Mechanical Keyboard

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SKYLOONG GK75 Dark Fairy Tale Gasket Mechanical Keyboard

Certainly! Here is the English translation of the revised product content detail for the Miami Night Keycaps:


  Product Name: Miami Night Keycaps  

  Enhance Your Keyboard Experience  

Transform your keyboard with the Miami Night Keycaps, meticulously crafted from high-quality ABS plastic. These keycaps feature a captivating black and pink color scheme, reminiscent of the vibrant nightlife of Miami, adding personality and flair to your device.

  Product Summary:  

The Miami Night Keycaps Set is designed to elevate both the aesthetics and ergonomics of your keyboard. With a sleek black and pink palette, each keycap is not just a tool for typing but a statement of style.

  Key Features:  

1.   GK6 Profile:   Offers optimal ergonomic comfort, making typing more enjoyable and efficient.

2.   157-Key Set:   Complete coverage for full keyboard replacement or customization.

3.   Ergonomic Design:   Tailored to the English (US) ANSI / ISO Layout for seamless integration across various keyboard types.

4.   Enhanced Compatibility:   Includes special shift sizes (1U, 1.25U, 1.75U, and 2U) and modifiers for a wide range of keyboard layouts.

5.   Stylish Color Scheme:   A dynamic black and pink design that captures the energy of Miami nights.

  Technical Specifications:  

-   Material:   High-quality ABS plastic

-   Profile:   GK6 for ergonomic typing

-   Key Quantity:   157 keys in the set

-   Layout Compatibility:   English (US) ANSI / ISO Layout

-   Shift Key Sizes:   1U, 1.25U, 1.75U, and 2U options

-   Compatibility:   Suitable for 60%, 65%, 75%, 1800-compact, TKL, and 100% keyboards

  Design and Comfort:  

-   Customizable Typing Experience:   With a full set of keycaps, you can easily personalize your keyboard to your preferences.

-   Durable Construction:   ABS plastic ensures that your keycaps remain resilient and maintain their appearance over time.

  Ideal For:  

-   Style Enthusiasts:   Those who want to add a pop of color and style to their workspace.

-   Typists and Gamers:   Individuals seeking an ergonomic and comfortable typing experience.

-   Keyboard Customizers:   Users looking to revamp their keyboard with a cohesive and attractive keyset.

  Purchase Information:  

-   To transform your keyboard with the Miami Night Keycaps and enhance your typing experience, visit our official website or an authorized retailer today.  


This English translation is crafted to highlight the key selling points of the Miami Night Keycaps, providing potential customers with a clear and comprehensive understanding of the product's features and benefits.

SKYLOONG GK75 Dark Fairy Tale Gasket Mechanical Keyboard-Tapelf
SKYLOONG GK75 Dark Fairy Tale Gasket Mechanical Keyboard-Tapelf