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SKYLOONG GK61 QMK/VIA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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SKYLOONG Switches:Pink Linear

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SKYLOONG GK61 QMK/VIA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Certainly! Here is the English translation of the revised product content detail for the SKYLOONG GK87Pro Mechanical Keyboard:

  Product Name: SKYLOONG GK87Pro Mechanical Keyboard  

  Product Highlights:  

-   1.7-inch High-Definition LCD Display:   A bright display offers clear visual effects, real-time display of time, keyboard battery status, connection information, and more, with easy adjustment via convenient hot-swap knobs.

-   Multi-Function Knob Control:   An innovative multi-function knob allows users to control YouTube channels, music players, or switch between tracks with a simple twist, providing a smooth user experience.

-   Dual Thumb Operated Split Spacebar:   The keyboard is ergonomically designed with a split spacebar that allows operation using both thumbs, enhancing comfort and usability.

-   Hot-Swappable Technology:   Specifically designed for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, it supports hot-swappable 3-pin and 5-pin switches, allowing users to easily change keyboard switches without any tools for a personalized experience.

-   7200mAh Large Capacity Battery:   Long-lasting battery life reduces the need for frequent charging, making it suitable for extended use.

-   Dual System Compatibility:   The keyboard perfectly supports both Windows and Mac operating systems, meeting the needs of different users.

-   Multi-Device Connection:   With Bluetooth connectivity, it allows users to connect up to three devices simultaneously, making it easy to switch and improve work efficiency.

  Technical Specifications:  

-   Display:   1.7-inch LCD

-   Battery:   7200mAh

-   Compatibility:   Windows & Mac

-   Connection Method:   Bluetooth, supports multi-device connection

-   Special Features:   Hot-swappable switches, multi-function knob, ergonomic design

  User Experience:  

-   Intuitive Operation Interface:   With convenient information display for an enhanced user interaction.

-   Personalized Media Control:   Tailor your music and video control experience to your preferences.

  Target Audience:  

-   Gamers:   Who require a keyboard with quick access to commands and a customizable layout for an edge in gameplay.

-   Professionals:   Seeking a keyboard that can optimize their workflow with a high level of customization and comfort during long hours of use.

-   Tech Enthusiasts:   Interested in the latest keyboard technology and the ability to personalize their typing experience.

  Purchase Information:  

-   For more details on purchasing the SKYLOONG GK87Pro Mechanical Keyboard, please visit our official website or authorized retailers.  


This English translation is designed to provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the SKYLOONG GK87Pro Mechanical Keyboard's features, specifications, and user experience, suitable for potential customers seeking detailed information before making a purchase.

SKYLOONG GK61 QMK/VIA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard-Tapelf