PIIFOX ER95 Triple-Mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard With LCD Screen - Tapelf
PIIFOX ER95 Mechanical Keyboard
PIIFOX ER95 Triple-Mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard With LCD Screen - Tapelf


PIIFOX ER95 Mechanical Keyboard

Sale price$169.99
Style:Pink clear
switch type:PIIFOX Pink Wabler Linear

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PIIFOX ER95 Mechanical Keyboard

Introducing the PIIFOX ER95, a triple-mode wireless mechanical keyboard with an LCD screen. Enjoy fast, tactile typing with the mechanical key switches, and switch seamlessly between wireless, Bluetooth, or wired modes for added convenience. The LCD screen displays real-time information for better gaming, typing, and productive experience. Enjoy performance without compromise.

Customizable LCD Screen
The PIIFOX ER95 keyboard has a special and functional LCD screen that can be customizable easily. Users can upload the emojis, GIFs, and images to the software, then it will show on the keyboard OLED. You can also customizable or draw your own images and GIFs on the software easily. The software can be compatible with macOS, and Windows systems.

Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard
The ER95 takes high-quality gasket structures. The keyboard adds a poron foam switch pad and a sound-absorbing silicone pad on the top and bottom edges of the board and PCBA. High-quality gaskets and silicone in gasket-mounted keyboards absorb the impact of each key, creating a smoother, cleaner, and more flexible typing experience.

Hot-swappable Keyboard
The ER95 features an advanced transparent PC case and hot-swappable mechanical functionality, providing users with a unique, durable design as well as a premium feel. The keyboard is equipped with a south-facing LED display and is compatible with 3-pin or 5-pin mechanical switches, enabling users to efficiently and quickly transition to new switches without the need for soldering.

South-facing RGB Backlights
The PIIFOX ER95 offers customizable RGB features that can be adjusted using key combinations. With south-facing PCBs, this keyboard can produce smooth and vivid lighting effects.

ASA Profile PBT Keycaps
The ER95 includes ASA profile keycaps crafted from durable PBT material which are highly resistant to smudging. Moreover, this keyboard also comes with compatible software for users who prefer customizing their settings.

Tri-Mode Connection
The PIIFOX ER95 offers a variety of connection options for superior flexibility, including wired cable, 2.4G wireless, and the latest Bluetooth 5.1. It also includes a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle and a type-c cable for added convenience.

PIIFOX ER95 Mechanical Keyboard-Tapelf
PIIFOX ER95 Mechanical Keyboard-Tapelf
PIIFOX ER95 Mechanical Keyboard-Tapelf