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MONKA Sea Salt POM Tactile Switches


MONKA Sea Salt POM Tactile Switches

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switch pack:35 switches

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The MONKA Sea Salt Tactile Switches feature Japanese extended springs for smooth, responsive action and crisp sound. They have an upgraded condenser for enhanced backlighting and a 21mm double-section spring for light, smooth keystrokes. The dust-proof POM core improves with use, and the switches are pre-lubricated for a silky feel and pleasant sound.


Customized Extended Spring
Customized lubrication, Japanese customized extended spring, smooth feel, quick rebound, quick trigger, and crisp sound.

Upgraded High-Transmission Condenser
Continuing the design concept of the Bubble switch, it is equipped with an upgraded condenser. The luminous flux is larger under the same power, and the keyboard backlight will be more even and brighter.

21mm Double-Section Custom Extended Spring
Japan precision wire extended spring, bringing smooth and neat feel, 2.3mm trigger key travel, 41gf starting pressure, high elasticity, light trigger.

Customized Dut-Proof + POM Switch Core
Fully customized Pom switch core, which is made of material that becomes smoother with use and is designed with a dustproof wall, which makes the feeling stable and smoother.

Customized Level Factory Pre-Lubricated
Crisp Hi-Fi typing sound. Lubricate the slide rails on both sides of the shaft core, the slide rails on both sides of the spring base of the center column, and the arcs on both sides of the spring plate respectively. The shrapnel uses dry film oil to lubricate the process, and the traces are not obvious like other greases. It feels silky and has a pleasant sound.