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Leopold FC980M PD Green Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard

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    Elevate Your Typing Experience with the Leopold FC980M PD Mechanical Keyboard    

Leopold FC980M PD


-     Dual Connectivity:     Seamlessly switch between Bluetooth V5.1 wireless or USB Type-C wired connections for flexible usage options.

-     Compact Full-Sized Layout:     Enjoy the convenience of a 98-key layout, combining the functionality of a full-sized keyboard with a space-saving design.

-     Custom-Developed Durable PBT Keycaps:     Experience long-lasting durability and resistance to oil and wear with premium 1.5mm PBT keycaps, ensuring a superior typing experience.

-     Premium Cherry MX Switches:     Delight in smooth operation and lasting performance with high-quality Cherry MX switches, designed to provide precision and reliability.

-     Soft Acoustics with Sound Absorbing Pad:     Immerse yourself in a comfortable typing environment with soft, smooth keystrokes, thanks to the sound-absorbing pad that reduces vibrations and impacts.

-     Adjustable Ergonomic Design:     Find your optimal typing position with adjustable height and profile, enhanced by rubber feet for stability and comfort.

-     Customized Dip Switches:     Tailor your keyboard experience to your preferences with customizable dip switches, allowing for personalized settings and functionality.

    Technical Specifications:    

-     Layout:     Compact full-sized

-     Number of Keys:     98

-     Switches:     Cherry MX

-     Dimensions:     365.5x145.2x19.5-37.7mm

-     Weight:     1.1Kg

The Leopold FC980M PD Mechanical Keyboard combines top-quality components with innovative design features to deliver a premium typing experience. Whether you're working or gaming, its dual-mode connectivity, durable construction, and ergonomic design make it the perfect choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Leopold FC980M PD Green Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard-Tapelf
Leopold FC980M PD Green Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard-Tapelf