LANGTU G100 PUNK Keyboard

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LANGTU G100 PUNK Keyboard

LANGTU G100 Punk Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Elevate Your Gaming and Office Experience with Style and Performance

104 Round Keys for a Unique Typing Experience

  • The G100 features a distinctive layout with 104 round keys, offering a comfortable and ergonomic typing experience that sets it apart from traditional keyboards.

Black Crystal Design for a Sleek Look

  • With a black crystal finish, the G100 adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your gaming or office setup, making a statement with its sleek appearance.

Punk Rainbow Backlit for Dynamic Illumination

  • Illuminate your workspace with the punk-inspired rainbow backlit keys that not only look cool but also enhance your gaming and typing sessions with vibrant colors.

Mechanical Keys for Responsive Feedback

  • Designed with high-quality mechanical switches, the G100 provides responsive feedback and a satisfying tactile feel with every key press.

Ideal for Both Gaming and Office Use

  • Whether you're engrossed in a competitive game or working on a project, the G100 is crafted to meet the demands of both environments with its durable build and responsive keys.

Ergonomic Design for Prolonged Comfort

  • The round key design and overall layout of the G100 are thoughtfully crafted to promote comfortable hand and wrist positioning, reducing fatigue during long sessions.

Package Includes:

  • LANGTU G100 Punk Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
  • User Manual
  • Key Puller for easy keycap removal and maintenance
LANGTU G100 PUNK Keyboard-Tapelf