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FEKER Switches

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switch:Vanilla Ice Cream

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FEKER Switches

FEKER Switches

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**FEKER Vanilla Ice Cream Linear Switches: Smooth and Responsive Typing Experience**

Experience a delightful typing sensation with Feker Vanilla Ice Cream Linear Switches. Engineered with precision, these switches offer a perfect balance of smoothness and responsiveness, making every keystroke a joy.

**Optimized Operating Force:** With an operating force of 38gf, these switches provide just the right amount of resistance for effortless typing, reducing finger fatigue during extended use.

**Swift Actuation:** Featuring a pre-travel distance of 1.2mm, the switches offer quick actuation, ensuring rapid response to your keystrokes for enhanced typing speed and accuracy.

**Satisfying Key Travel:** Enjoy a comfortable typing experience with a total travel distance of 3.4mm, allowing for ample key travel while maintaining a compact form factor.

**Premium Material:** Crafted from high-quality POM material, Feker Vanilla Ice Cream Linear Switches are durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

**Optimized Spring Length:** With a spring length of 22mm, these switches provide consistent and reliable tactile feedback, enhancing overall typing stability and precision.

Upgrade your typing experience with Feker Vanilla Ice Cream Linear Switches and enjoy smooth, responsive, and satisfying keystrokes with every press.

FEKER Switches-Tapelf
FEKER Switches-Tapelf
FEKER Switches-Tapelf
FEKER Switches-Tapelf
FEKER Switches-Tapelf