Cidoo switch - Tapelf
Cidoo switch - Tapelf


Cidoo switch

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carda mechanical switch set, pre-lubed, 5 pin switch, 35 pieces


  • Linear, 5 Pin Switches
  • POM for both Upper and Lower Housings
  • Built-in LED Slot
  • Pre-Lubed
  • Durable Lifespan: 60 millions Times


The CIDOO Carda Switch presents an aesthetic that's both refreshing and contemporary. Its pastel-colored housing in shades of gentle pink and soft grey offers a visually soothing palette, while the mint-green stem adds a subtle pop of color. The playful yet muted tones are reminiscent of a serene morning, promising a touch of elegance to the user’s keyboard.


Built entirely from POM for both upper and lower housings, the CIDOO Carda Switch delivers durability with a slick surface for consistent key presses. The stem, made of self-lubricating UPE, provides a smooth, linear action that's enhanced by the switch being pre-lubed. An 18mm dual spring mechanism underlines the switch’s commitment to stability and a satisfying return force.


With precision-engineered specs, the CIDOO Carda Switch ensures a linear and seamless typing journey. The total travel is set at 3.50mm with slight flexibility for variance, accompanied by a 2.00mm pre-travel for prompt responsiveness. The actuation requires a moderate 50gf force, offering a balance between swift keystrokes and tactile feedback. Users can expect a gentle start with a 35gf initial force and a firm 60gf bottom-out force for a conclusive stroke. The durability of 60 million keystrokes solidifies the switch's long-term reliability.

Cidoo switch-Tapelf