Ajazz I069 Transparent RGB White Wireless Mouse - Tapelf
Ajazz Transparent Mouse
Ajazz I069 Transparent RGB Green Wireless Mouse - Tapelf
Ajazz I069 Transparent RGB Blue Wireless Mouse - Tapelf


Ajazz Transparent Mouse

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Ajazz Transparent Mouse-Tapelf

Ajazz Transparent Mouse

Ajazz Transparent Mouse

Lightweight Design
Say goodbye to wired bondage, reduce the burden of traveling, exquisite body, and portable storage.

Exquisite RGB Colorful Lighting Effect
One-click switching, there's a color that suits you.

Plug And Play
Multi-platform system compatibility, applicable to multiple terminal devices, is compatible with 99% of the systems on the market. Laptop/desktop computer/mobile phone/tablet can be connected.

I069PRO with Battery Digital Display 
I069pro for digital display of power level. Digital on-screen displays a real-time view of battery status. 
Note: I069 with personalized logo.

DPI Sensitivity
Optical sensor performance temperature. Three DPI speeds to choose from(800/1200/1600), up to 1600 DPI sensitive response, fast or slow, it's up to you.

Office Equipment
A little comfort in the palm of your hand that fits the curve of your hand.

Soft Key
Work softly and learn at the touch of a button without disturbing others.

Blind Plug And Charge
Forward and backward blind plug and charge as you wish. Optimized charging interface, blind plug more convenient, with type-c charging, so that you have no worries.

Ajazz Transparent Mouse-Tapelf
Ajazz Transparent Mouse-Tapelf