Tutorial: How to Install GIFs on the AJazz AK820 Pro Keyboard's TFT Screen

Tutorial: How to Install GIFs on the AJazz AK820 Pro Keyboard's TFT Screen

Summary: This tutorial guides users through installing GIFs on the AJazz AK820 Pro keyboard's TFT screen. Steps include downloading software, splitting GIFs, uploading frames, and customizing display. With patience, users can personalize their keyboard experience effortlessly.
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After receiving numerous requests, I'm here to provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to install GIFs onto the TFT screen of the AJazz AK820 Pro keyboard. Though the process may seem daunting at first, I'll walk you through it, making it easy to follow and understand.

Downloading the Required Software:

To begin, head to AJazz's website and navigate to the Download Center. Search for the AK820 keyboard and download the corresponding software. This software is essential for customizing GIFs on the keyboard's TFT screen.

Splitting the GIF:

Once the software is installed, you'll need to prepare your GIF for installation. Unfortunately, regular GIFs won't work directly. You'll need to split the GIF into individual frames. Use an online tool to split the GIF and download the frames as a ZIP file.

Extracting and Reviewing Frames:

After downloading the ZIP file, extract its contents to access the individual frames. Take a moment to review the frames to ensure they split correctly. This step ensures that your GIF will display seamlessly on the keyboard's TFT screen.

Uploading Frames to the Software:

With the frames ready, launch the AJazz software and connect your keyboard. Navigate to the TFT screen customization section and create a new project. Import the frames into the software and arrange them in the desired order. You can even add multiple GIFs for rotation.

Uploading GIFs to the Keyboard:

Once the frames are arranged, upload them to the keyboard. Depending on the GIF's size, the upload process may take some time. Be patient, and wait for the upload to reach 100%. Once complete, your GIF will be ready to display on the keyboard's TFT screen.



With these simple steps, you can customize the TFT screen of your AJazz AK820 Pro keyboard with your favorite GIFs. While the process may require a few extra steps, the end result is well worth it. Now, enjoy watching your favorite animations come to life on your keyboard.