Building Your First Mechanical Keyboard: MonsGeek M1 Review

Building Your First Mechanical Keyboard: MonsGeek M1 Review

This blog post details the author's experience building their first mechanical keyboard using the MonsGeek M1. Priced at $99, the MonsGeek M1 offers a robust construction, customizable features, and a satisfying typing experience. From unboxing to assembly, the process is straightforward with clear instructions and included tools. With meticulous attention to design and performance, the MonsGeek M1 appeals to both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts, making it a compelling option for keyboard enthusiasts of all levels.


Welcome to this blog post, where I'll be sharing my journey of building a mechanical keyboard for the first time using the MonsGeek M1. With a price tag of $99, this keyboard caters to both newcomers and enthusiasts alike.


Unboxing and Initial Impressions:

Upon unboxing, I was greeted with the MonsGeek M1, meticulously packaged with an array of accessories including modification tape, a coiled USB Type-C to USB-A cable, stabilizers, screws, an Allen wrench, and Teflon pads. Despite the $20 shipping fee, the keyboard arrived promptly within a week.


Design and Construction:

Crafted from CNC aluminum, the MonsGeek M1 boasts a sleek design, featuring knobs and subtle gold accents. While the gold details may not appeal to everyone, they add a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic. The keyboard's substantial weight is a testament to its robust construction.


Internal Components and Assembly:

Disassembling the keyboard reveals a well-thought-out design, with PET insulating film and gold-plated side tabs enhancing its durability. The PCB boasts TTC hot-swap sockets and vibrant RGB lighting, allowing for extensive customization. Assembly is straightforward, thanks to the included tools and clear instructions.


Switches and Keycaps:

Equipped with screw-in stabilizers, the MonsGeek M1 offers a solid typing experience. Opting for Durock V2 stabilizers further improved the keying feel. Paired with Echo Lavender Purple switches, the keyboard delivers a satisfying tactile response. Installing the keycaps was a breeze, ensuring a seamless integration.


Performance and Sound Testing:

The MonsGeek M1 exceeded my expectations in terms of performance. Despite minimal rattling, lubricating the stabilizers resolved any issues, resulting in a delightful typing experience. The sound quality was exceptional, contributing to an immersive user experience. With its impeccable build quality and stylish design, the MonsGeek M1 caters to both novices and audiophiles alike.


Summing Up:

In conclusion, my experience with the MonsGeek M1 was immensely gratifying. As a first-time mechanical keyboard builder, the process was both enjoyable and educational. Priced affordably, the MonsGeek M1 offers exceptional value, boasting quality construction, customizable features, and a gratifying typing experience. Whether you're diving into the world of mechanical keyboards or seeking an upgrade, the MonsGeek M1 deserves serious consideration for your next keyboard project.