"Seven-year itch"? -- Revolution of Lofree DOT

"Seven-year itch"? -- Revolution of Lofree DOT

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  1. 7 Year, The significance of the DOT mechanical keyboard:

LOFREE's first keyboard is a DOT keyboard.

This keyboard's eye-catching design has made non-gamers and female users fall in love with using wireless mechanical keyboards.

Since the release of the first DOT keyboard, it has been 7 years, and 2.08 million dot keyboards have been sold. This huge number proves its beauty value.

  1. Seven-year itch of the DOT?

Although most users like the unique retro design of the DOT, Some users find it challenging to adjust due to the round keycaps and unusual layout.

Typing experience had become our next step in DOT evolution

  1. Meet the release of new DOT (FOUNDATION):

Beauty should be last longer and level up.

In order to make this keyboard more beautiful, more useful, and more popular with female users, we adopted the inspiration of the lipstick DOT idea, and then thought of making a keyboard inspired by the liquid foundation.

When it comes to liquid foundation, it gives people an intuitive feeling of delicate and soft fog texture. Besides, LOFREE has made improvements to it more than inspiration. Specifically, the features of the new keyboard include:


*Loading Foundation into the Key Cap

Breakthrough 2-layer key cap craft;  

The transparent layer of the liquid foundation glass bottle is carefully polished and controlled.

The translucent and clearly visible internal structure of the whole keyboard brings a consistent look, making the keyboard look more modern and in nature.


* Optimize layout, Follow usage habits

Round keycaps and unusual layout make it easy to type wrong.

For round keycaps:

To ensure we can solve the problem and to last the beauty, LOFREE designed the upper round and lower square keycap.

More comfortable touch, while also keeping the classic DOT element

DOT special layout:

We return the "HOME""END""PGUP""PGDN""PRTSC" keys back, to fit our typing habit.


4 layers flitter & Gasket Design

Top structure and material combination, Purer sound, Better typing experience

You may get a mellow and bounce feeling.


Specially customized GATERON switch

To meet the demand for customization is a basic

But we had thought a lot about the switch, from color matching to typing feeling—Gateron's newly customized "Baby Racoon Switch" uses a fixed 40g weight of linear touch, with a strength that is neither too heavy nor too light; coupled with the POM stem material, it makes typing easy and silky.


* 8 times faster 2.4Ghz wireless connection

A new 2.4G wireless mode with a 1000hz polling rate has been added, fast rates.

With the more reasonable new layout, this keyboard becomes an ideal choice for female gamers.


*Bonus--same-color keyboard brush:

When you buy this keyboard, you will also get a foundation make-up brush with the same color matching.



  1. For Her:

For female users, the DOT FOUNDATION keyboard is a perfect gift choice.

It is not only beautiful but also practical, so she will definitely like it.

In addition, for one-time purchase of foundation with multiple colors to get this  "mechanical keyboard"

It is an aesthetic keyboard for female gamers who also like to make up.


  1. Seven-year itch?

When LOFREE decides to revolute the beauty of DOT to the last, it doesn't mean that we will neglect the practical value of a keyboard.

On the contrary, after 7 years, the DOT FOUNDATION Keyboard remodeling was launched.

Facing the preferences of keyboard users and the more mature market on mechanical keyboards.

We look forward to using a better layout and better switch to improve the user experience comprehensively.

Looking forward to more recognition and experience from Lofree users!