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MCHOSE G98 —The Best Choice For Gamers

Mchose G98: Ultimate gaming keyboard with customizable shafts, tri-mode connectivity, long battery life, RGB backlighting, low latency, and ergonomic design for optimal performance and comfort.

If you are a game enthusiast or want to find a high-performance keyboard, you may wish to consider the MCHOSE G98, which is definitely the best choice. G98 is a current blockbuster of the MCHOSE brand, specially designed for game lovers. G98 customized three-mode mechanical keyboard, the main Gasket structure, 98 configuration, and 4 switches to choose from.  



  1. Four optional shafts 2.98 Layout

     2.Gasket Structural Design 


     3.Three-mode connection 


     4.Long-lasting battery life 




     6.Low latency 

Four selectable shafts  

MCHOSE g98 provides four optional shafts, namely TTC ice shafts, Kai Hotaru shafts, hyacinth shafts and gray wood shafts. These switches have their own characteristics and advantages. For example, the TTC ice shaft is suitable for fast typing and games, and the hyacinth shaft is suitable for quiet environments. Users can choose the appropriate shaft body according to their preferences and uses.  

98 Layout  

The 98 layout is a comprehensive use of players in the keyboard. It not only reduces the space and reduces the fatigue of the right hand. At the same time, it basically retains function keys and can meet the needs of digital input. The key layout has also been redesigned to make operation smoother and improve overall durability.  

Gasket Structural Design  

The structural design of the Gasket can reduce sound and shock, and can also make the keyboard transmit light evenly. At the same time, due to the existence of the shim, the upper and lower vertical directions of the keyboard will be buffered, and the feel of the keyboard will be very uniform.  

Three-mode connection  

MCHOSE G98 supports three-mode connection methods, including wired, 2.4 G and Bluetooth modes, so that you can use it at any time whether at home or outside. This meets the multi-device needs of users and is more flexible and convenient. 

Long-lasting battery life  

The MCHOSE G98 has a large battery capacity, providing a large-capacity battery of 10,000 mAh and a low-power wireless chip. It allows the keyboard to last up to 100 hours in wireless mode, or a month on a single charge in wired mode. Players no longer have to worry about the wireless keyboard suddenly running out of power.  


The MCHOSE G98 has a customizable RGB backlight, which can display 16 million different colors, making the appearance of the keyboard more colorful and personalized. MCHOSE G98 also has a variety of lighting effects to choose from, including breathing lights, always on lights, etc. These lighting effects allow you to set up to your liking.  

Low latency  

The wireless latency of the MCHOSE G98 keyboard is only 3 milliseconds, providing extremely low input latency, allowing users to get a smooth experience during typing or gaming.  

To sum up, the MCHOSE G98 mechanical keyboard has become a popular product due to its excellent design, high quality, high customization, comfortable feel and excellent performance. Whether it is for users who pursue individuality, or for users who pay attention to performance and comfort, MCHOSE G98 is a choice worth considering.