FEKER Alice98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard - TapElf
FEKER Alice98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard - TapElf
FEKER Alice98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard - TapElf
FEKER Alice98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard - TapElf
FEKER Alice98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard - TapElf
FEKER Alice98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard - TapElf
FEKER Alice98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard - TapElf
FEKER Alice98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard - TapElf
FEKER Alice98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard - TapElf


FEKER Alice98 Keyboard

Sale price$179.99
Version:With screen-Brown
Switch:Kailh Box Winter

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Maximize Your Gaming Efficiency with Alarm Alice98 Keyboard

Alice Split Layout:

FEKER Alice98 Keyboard

The Feker Alice98 boasts a revolutionary Alice split layout, redefining the standard keyboard form factor. With its distinctive split design and dual "B" and "spacebar" keys, the Alice layout offers a fresh and advanced typing experience.

Comfortable Gasket Mounted Structure Design:

Crafted with a gasket-mounted structure design, the Alice98 ensures unparalleled comfort and elasticity with each keystroke. The high-quality PC material plate is mounted between top and bottom covers, delivering smooth feedback and a satisfying typing experience.

Exceptional Performance

New-Generation Kailh Winter Mechanical Switches:

Equipped with the latest Kailh Box Winter mechanical switches, the Alice98 offers smooth tactile feedback and a moderate trigger force for effortless typing. With Kailh's trusted Box structure design and PC top cover, these switches provide exceptional performance and durability.

Three-Mode Connectivity:

Experience seamless connectivity with the Feker Alice98. With support for wireless 2.4GHz, Wired USB Type-C, and Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, this keyboard effortlessly connects to any device, offering versatility and convenience.

Innovative Features

Unique Customizable Display Screen:

The Alice98 features a customizable display screen, offering a variety of functions such as system status, date, time, and connection mode. Customize it with your favorite GIFs and images for a personalized touch.

Multi-Layered Padding for Comfort:

Enjoy a comfortable typing experience with the Alice98's multi-layered padding. With Poron sandwich cotton padding and additional layers for sound absorption, this keyboard minimizes key pressure and delivers ergonomic support.

Oak Wooden Palm Rest and Dust Cover:

Enhance your typing experience with the optional oak wooden palm rest, providing ergonomic support for long hours of use. Plus, keep your keyboard clean and dust-free with the included dust cover, ensuring its longevity and pristine appearance.

Unmatched Style

RGB Backlighting and Stunning Color Options:

Illuminate your workspace with vibrant RGB backlighting featuring south-facing LEDs. Choose from two stunning color options to complement your setup and elevate your gaming or work environment.

Eye-Catching Design Elements:

With an RGB ring around the knob and an RGB indicator light belt, the Alice98 adds eye-catching design elements to your desk setup, making it stand out from the crowd.


Experience the future of ergonomic keyboards with the Feker Alice98. From its innovative design and exceptional performance to its customizable features and unmatched style, the Alice98 sets a new standard for comfortable and versatile typing. Upgrade your typing experience today and discover a new level of productivity and comfort.

The Alarm Alice98 keyboard stands as an unconventional accessory intended to upraise your gaming abilities. Ideal for both beginner and veteran gamers, this mechanical keyboard opens up new dimensions to explore. Designed to match every stroke you make, its versatility is its prime advantage.

Crafted meticulously, the FEKER Alice98 features gaskets that amplify bounce and rebound while typing, providing an exhilarating typing experience. The keys are precision-engineered for the highest performance possible, ensuring that you'll never miss a keystroke while you're in the heat of battle.

Perfect for serious gamers who require high-speed, precise reactions, this keyboard stands as an embodiment of superior engineering. All components work together in seamless harmony to provide an unparalleled gaming experience. The FEKER Alice98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard envisages unparalleled performance and quality. Experience gaming at its finest, grab your Alarm Alice98 keyboard today!